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The best in automotive tinting. Elite Window Tint can help you stay cool during those hot summer days.

At Elite Window Tint we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our XPEL PRIME Automotive Tint!

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At Elite Window Tint, our passion lies in delivering top-tier tint products and installation services that set new standards. We firmly believe that our commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, convenience, and uncompromising quality is unparalleled. We’re eager to engage with you to understand your specific needs, and we’re confident that we hold the solution you seek!

What sets us apart is our exclusive use of XPEL Premium Automotive Window Tint, ensuring that your vehicle receives nothing short of the finest finish imaginable.

XPEL PRIME Automotive Window Tint

High Performance Window Tint From The Top Down


Safety And Color Stability Like Never Before

Protect yourself from 99% harmful cancer causing UV rays & achieve the privacy you desire with PRIME CS ™, the most color stable window tint film around.


Extreme Performance, Exceptional Quality

Utilizing a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR ™ maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity throughout the years. Blocking up to 88% infrared heat rejection, PRIME XR will provide you with the level of performance you expect from a top-of-the line film without breaking the bank.


The Pinnacle Of High Performance Tint. Period.

There’s no better place to start than the top. If you’re wanting the most out of your next window tint application, it’s time to start looking at nano-ceramic film options from XPEL. Designed for maximum UV protection & heat rejection. this window tint can keep your vehicle cooler & more comfortable wherever you’re headed

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends PRIME CS ™ & PRIME XR ™ Window Tint as an effective UV protectant.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty for your Car Tint includes any sort of product failure such as the film peeling, fading, bubbling or failing in any way!
Automotive Services

Need to keep your vehicle cool? We can help!

Commercial Vehicles

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Tinting Benefits

There are a number of benefits when it comes to getting your car windows tinted. Window tints reduce the sun’s glare and improves fuel efficiency, while reducing the use of air conditioning. Tinted windows offers an increased sense of security when you’re away from your vehicle. Window film reduces visibility from the outside, therefore lowering the risk of theft.


Blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet (UV) rays, tinting will keep you cool & minimize sun and headlight glare to help reduce the fatigue on your eyes.


Our films are designed not to shatter. So you, your family and the contents of your car are safe in the event of an accident from the risk of flying glass. 


Tinted windows make it harder for potential thieves to see inside the vehicle. This reduces the temptation to break in, as they can’t easily determine if there are valuables inside.


Auto tints will keep out those inquisitive eyes so you and your belongings will be safer, while still allowing the driver to clearly see out.